Art- Art As A Calling

More than fifteen years ago I made a commitment to myself. This commitment was heartfelt and full of declaration.

I committed to myself that I would be an artist.

A couple years later I yielded my commitment to God.

I discovered that this commitment was actually a calling. And this calling was as much a part of me as my DNA.

It was hard to figure out what all of this meant. All I knew to do, was create.

Art has always been a safe place for me. Even as a child I spent many quiet hours with a project in my hands.

Allowing the world to see my art has taken me years to get used to. I had my work visible in small venues all this time, but they were safe little places.

The past couple years as I have designed fabric, my comfort zone has been stretched. What a good thing for me, but it has not been without moments of being afraid and feeling exposed.

I have learned, that whenever a new "big" experience happens, I will walk through a moment of fear. It is ok for me to be afraid as long as I do not let it stop me.

Living your calling isn't always comfortable. It is not always full of roses, butterflies, and all things nice. BUT! There are rosy moments.....moments when life makes sense......moments when there is full clarity and vision.

I try to hold onto these moments.

So that when the days are hard and long, I will remember.

My hope is that everyone would experience knowing what they are designed for. And that all would realize that the world needs them to awaken to it.

And waiting for them.

You are here for a reason and a purpose.
You matter.
Your destiny matters.
The decisions you make matter.

I hope that you know this.....deep, deep, deep down. In the depth of who you are.


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