Life- Bridal Shower

When girls are single, the topic of marriage often pops up in conversation. It is something that many girls dream of from a young age.

I have a very close friend that has met her Mr. Right and is coming up on her wedding date. It has been a pleasure to watch her fall in love and now plan a wedding. Our conversations are full of details and decisions for the fast approaching wedding.

Tonight, I (with the help of many) gave Miss Emily Speight a lovely shower. It was a good time.

Sometimes I get worked up when preparing for an event or project that I really care about. There is often a moment that gets really hard. I have been known to have a "Julie" moment (from the movie Julie and Julia). Late, the night before the shower, as I was cutting out my excessive amount of sugar cookies, I had one of those hard moments. I got tired and was feeling all worked up about my fear of failing.......and then it hit me........

This moment.....this a part of what my friend has been dreaming of for years. And I have been dreaming of this for her, for years, especially since finding my Mr. Handsome. This is EXCITING stuff! Not something to be worried about.

After this revelation arrived, peace and grace came. I was no longer afraid. After all, no matter how it turned out, my lovely friend is the type of gal that values the intentions of the heart.

The shower went better than I had hoped. My creative ideas of what would be fun at a shower were accepted and enjoyed.

I do not regret or despise my hard moments. Are they fun? Well, no. But they serve a purpose. Anything that I have accomplished always contains a moment that I need God's grace to push through my fear. Sometimes it is an old fear. Sometimes it is a new one. No matter what, facing a fear and pushing through is the right thing to do.

How about you? Do you have meltdown moments like me? Do you learn from them? The next time you have a hard moment, please take the time to discover what is really going on in your heart. It will make a difference in your life.

Here are some pictures from the shower. (The blogger app chooses the order so they are not sequential). They were taken by my friend Amy Overbey who is a party planner that helped the process of this event. I know that Mr. Handsome has some good ones too.....they are still on his camera (if only I knew how to steal them off of there ;).

Congratulations Emily! I am so happy for you and David.


  1. Wedding showers are so much fun..I time to celebrate before the wedding.. I like the idea of sugar cookies and letting them decorate them.. Very smart.. I know Amy Overbey ~ what a sweetheart~! She is doing a great job~!
    Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Whittier..:)


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