Art- Village Meat Market Mural

Happy sigh......the mural is finally finished! Yesterday was a long day, but it was worth the effort.

I learned so much through this project. Painting outside on a building is much different than in my studio. The size, surface, paint, brushes, environment, and many other little things are different.

Finding the right brush for doing lettering was a challenge yesterday, but after multiple brush tries and a couple stops at different stores, I found the right kind of brush for smooth letters, precise letters. Ran into one of my old friends while I was out, which made the extra stop fun. And she helped me find the perfect brush.

My favorite part about the mural is when I look back at the original picture of the building and compare it to the end result. We took a non-descriptive back entrance of a building and made it a lively, eye-catching, happy entrance.

I had the best help that I could ask for with the mural. Her name is Chris Luebert. She came equipped with the knowledge and tools to make the project happen. This woman has quite the skills. AND she is available for hire! Chris does painting as well as Interior design. What a combo!

Well, I leave you today with a couple pictures Mr. Handsome took yesterday. I hope you put the Village Meat Market on your places to go in Cedar Rapids.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Congratulations on your creation. It really makes a contribution to the neighborhood. In the 1990's I worked with Chris Luebbert, and quite honestly, she is still my hero. What a talented woman she is.

    Again, the mural is wonderful.
    Lee Ann Perez

  2. It is quite beautiful just like everything else you do.. I'm about to go to Sharon Langs tonight for our weekly sewing.. I'm going to tell the girls to take a look at your blog.. I love your Mom and she is very creative too...
    ta ta for now ~!


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