Fashion- Why red lipstick?

I LOVE vibrant red lips! Always have, always will.


Because they visually say something!

You can not hide when you wear red lipstick, you and your lips are SEEN. And you better do it right because unkept red lips say something very different then their counterpart.

I take great joy out of sharing red lipstick with the women who are brave enough to try wearing it.

What do you need to know to wear it?

Red lipstick (the shade matched to your complexion)
Red lip liner (that matches the lipstick)
Concealor (matches the area around your lips)
Concealor brush
Lip balm (optional)

So! Here are the steps I take on the days I want a very precise red lip look:

Prepare lips by putting a balm on them to moisten them up! Leave on a couple minutes, then wipe off.

Apply concealor all around the lip area including the lip line. The goal is to cover any way that your lips are uneven and give a polished look.

Apply lip liner starting from the middle, working your way out on both top and bottom. This takes a little practice AND some days it goes great and some days you really have to work for the symmetry.

Now, comes the red lipstick! Be careful and take your time. Work from the middle out letting the top edge of the lipstick line up with the lip liner on top, then then the bottom of the lipstick against the bottom lip liner.

If you find you are uneven, NO WORRIES! Just wipe it a little with a q-tip and apply concealor with a concealor brush right against the liner edge.

Having bright, bold lips calls for quieter eyes. Use subtle browns and nudes. Sometimes, I put on a heavy dark brown liner and put a wing-tip on the end in a retro manner. That is one of my favorite looks.

And why should you try it? Because it might unlock the strong powerful warrior princess who can take on the world, standing firm in who you are!

Go ahead- try something new. You may find you love it, you may find you aren't ready for it, or you may find that it isn't your thing. Either way, it is important to try things out of your norm, especially if you are feeling stuck.

I highly recommend making the red lip plunge with help at a make-up counter. You can put a little on your hand to see how the color looks against your skin tone before you have the associate put it on you. And keep in mind, you do not have to buy right away if you are unsure. Feel free to put things on hold and walk around for a bit, making sure the associate that helped you gets credit for the sale.

I leave you with a fun little digital treat that I put together. Look closely, it contains a message.

Have a beautiful day!


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