Life- The Decision

On the 31st of August I posed a question to you, my readers and friends. I asked for input on whether I should have one blog or two. Thank you all for sharing your opinion! It really assisted me.


I have decided............


So, the plan is to share my thoughts and experiences in life mixed with my art and fabric design. The goal is to blog frequently (Lisa- keep me accountable-I know you will :).

It has been very good for the secret writer, who has been hiding deep inside of me. So deep, I couldn't even admit that she was there

Well, well, well. The cat is out of the bag. There is a writer inside of ME. Amazing what you find inside yourself when you give it permission to surface.

How about you? What is hiding in the depths of your soul? What is waiting inside of you, to be noticed? Noticed by you.

We all have the ability to unlock the gifts and talents inside ourselves. We can also choose to let them lay dormant. Or, to push them deeper down inside.

What will we choose?

Think about it. Please share your thoughts.

This picture is borrowed from "the optimism revolution". I hope you find it inspiring.

Have a wonderful day, and take good care of yourself!


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