Art- Rustic, burlap pillow

I have a thing for making pillows. It started a couple years ago. When I don't know what else to make, I make a pillow. In fact, I have a stack of pillow tops that are made from recycled clothing. They are waiting for me to be inspired to put backs on them and stuff them......someday.....someday.

I needed to make a gift for an upcoming event and decided to make a pillow! Could I have used a top from my pile? Yes, but what is the fun in that?

From my stash I pulled a yummy shade of olive green burlap and a small strip of the fabric from a line I designed (called Wildwood). I used two layers of burlap on top and a layer of polyester batting to give the pillow a strong body. Next, I stitched some twine down in a free-form movement to create a chevron-ish interest.

To hold the layers together I did a free-motion movement with black thread. Last element of the surface added was the strip of fabric. I made sure it was unraveling a little to keep the rustic look going.

Then I stitched it up. The project became interesting when I bent a needle going around a thick corner. And then after that I forgot to put my bobbin back in. Do you know that you cannot make a stitch without a bobbin? It makes a big mess.....sigh....oh well. I had a moment, then figured out what was going on, and got back at it.

Here it is! My rustic, beautiful burlap pillow.

Have a lovely day!


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