Art- Recycled Baby Blanket

As far back as I remember, I have enjoyed the concept of recycling. Perhaps it comes from being a third child in a family of four kids, in which hand-me-downs were COOL! I have fond memories of waiting for my sister to out-grow a red velvet dress so that it could become mine. It was my favorite childhood dress. And there were many other garments that I could hardly wait my turn to wear.

As an adult, recycling is a little different- for obvious reasons- but still contains excitement for me. Now, I enjoy cutting apart my clothes, that I am no longer wearing, and make something new out of them.

When I found out a friend of mine was pregnant, I knew that this was a great opportunity to do a recycled quilt from my clothing archives. This friend was having a little boy and I wanted the quilt to have a masculine feel to it, so I chose old trousers and denim for the front (mixed in with a little fabric from my Wildwood fabric line) and fleece for the back.

This quilt is done "Free-style" and has a lovely random feel to it. What do you think of it? Would you like a tutorial on how to quilt Free-style?

Well, I am off to have a restful day. I hope you are taking good care of yourself.

Enjoy this picture of little Ezekiel on the recycled blanket I made for him. Isn't he precious?!?


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