Art- Part of the Process

There is a point in time during my art making that always requires patience.

A point that requires me to turn off the critic and just feel.
A point that is sometimes uncomfortable.
A point that requires me to trust that everything is going to turn out fine.

What point is this?

It is when a piece doesn't look quite right.
When, I could stop, but it only looks so-so.
The point that a piece is waiting for the final bits for it to become full of life.

It is as if my soul needs to breathe a breath of life into it.

And where does that breath come from?

It comes from a force much greater and bigger than me. A majestic force that keeps me in awe whenever I recognize their presence.

The creative breath of life comes through me and onto my canvas. It moves like a gentle force, leaving me in humble gratitude that I have been chosen for this task of giving art to the world.

God's breath of life wants to breathe through us all. Each of us have been created to give something to our world. Often times, it is the very thing that our soul is aching to give if we are only aware.

This creative participation gives life more meaning. It makes life richer....sweeter....fuller.

Do us all a favor, get in touch with your purpose. The world needs what your heart is longing to give.

I mean it.

Do you need help with this?

Then reach out. From my experience, asking for helps lead down the path of breakthrough and healing. Is it humbling.....yes. Does it make you face your fears.....yes. Is it worth it......YES!

Do you need some resources? Then feel free to contact me on Facebook, I will connect you.

Now, here is a sneak peek on a project that is waiting for it's breath of life. I share it with you, even though it makes me feel vulnerable. It will be fun to share it with you at the next stage.

Have a soulfully aware day and take good care of yourself.



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