Life- My own special kind of Weirdness

Are you kind of weird? Your own special kind of weirdness?

Yes? No?

For me the answer is YES!

It has taken me years to accept my unique self, in all it's weirdness. I definitely have my own perspective on life......and always have.

BUT! There have been times that I have tried to camouflage my weirdness and guess what happened......instead of fitting in, I looked even more odd.

Some people can fit in, but I really can't do that well.

However, I can be a part of a group and experience a sense of belonging without compromising my weird self.

Yep, that I can do.

All that takes is me appreciating what I have to offer, and letting others appreciate it as well. Then- even more importantly.......appreciating THEM and who they are.

Now, back to you. Do you accept yourself or try to camouflage who you are?

I have a great idea!

Why don't we all accept our weird selves and enjoy it!

The world would be a brighter place if everyone accepted themselves and let their unique, gorgeous, weird selves OUT!

I'm going to go now and enjoy my weirdness. Thanks for reading!



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