Art- iPhone and Art

My hubby, Louis M. Collins (aka Mr.Handsome) decided that we needed iPhones earlier this year. At first, I was thinking.....really? that would be nice.....but do we really need them? He told me to trust him and that we were going to get them. So, we did.

And! It has made a huge difference in my artist world. HE WAS RIGHT! I needed an iPhone and didn't even know it!

I can post easily and fast from my studio to Facebook through the camera on my phone. AND I can blog from anywhere. You get to see what I am up to because I have a smart hubby who has a vision.

And I love the apps that give me the opportunity to manipulate my drawings from a camera shot into something pretty awesome.

We shall dub Louis today:

Mr. Right

Lol! He deserves it :)

Have a lovely day! Take good care of yourself.



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