Life- Doggie Snuggles

This weekend there has been a lot of doggie snuggles. I wasn't feeling good, so.....I had to lay low.

It was hard to do. There were fun things happening in multiple places.....but, I needed to rest.

One thing I have learned, since walking through the path of healing with my health challenge of Hashimotos Thyroiditis, is to respect my body. My body will tell me when I need to slow down, if I choose to listen.

Making the goal of listening to my body has helped my body heal. Now, there are consequences of listening. Sometimes you have to stay home when you want to have fun. But, it is worth it when you get your energy back.

The other aspect that is impacted, is my attitude. I have a natural sunny attitude about life, so when I get moody and cloudy......well, it is time to rest and reboot!

Thankfully, I have a hubby that encourages me to rest, as well as family who understands.

AND a dog that would LOVE to spend her day snuggling with me. What a blessing Sadie is. I am very grateful for a wonderful doggie and her plentiful sharing of snuggles!

Well, I am going to go take my supplements and vitamins, then back to resting for me.

Hope you are having a fun weekend!

Take good care of yourself.



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