Life- Day 7 of Personal Care Week

Oh....what to say.....what to say....

I am kind of hooked on this personal challenge thing. It has been good to hold myself accountable to self-care. The funny part is that my self-care this week kept me very busy. It was obviously not Personal Rest Week! Lol!!

It has been a good week. A very eye opening one. Glad I took the time to analyze and take new actions towards a healthier life.

What now?

Well, I am seriously thinking about having a second blog in which I talk about self-care and all that kind of good stuff and keep this blog for more art orientated things.

Do you have an opinion about this? I really cannot make up my mind. Feel free to leave a comment here or on Facebook.

Also- have you challenged yourself lately? Have you had a personal revelation? Or better yet declared personal revolution? I would love to hear about it.

I always have said to the customers I serve, change one thing in your life, and who knows what else might change. Change causes more change. It moves us forward and that is GOOD!

Not always comfortable.......but GOOD!

I wish you a lovely holiday weekend. Take good care of yourself!


  1. I like the idea of two blogs -mainly because the growth potential of each and having a more target audience for each...and I love your drawing of the dancing girl!

  2. I think you should keep one blog. Our passions and ourselves are so very intertwined as you have discovered. As a result of reading your blog I have realized that I can't separate the two in my own life. When I dive into my passion too much my self care gets neglected and I get resentful. When I dive into self care and ignore my passions I lose my God given purpose. No matter what we do passionately we have to take care of ourselves even when we are drowning in work! What ever you decide will grow and evolve into what it is supposed to be.

  3. I also think you should have one blog. Your art is an expression of you. I love looking at your work but I think to me it means more to me because I know you. When I first started blogging (for my farm customers) I struggled with separating the farm from my family and finally gave in when I realized not only were they so entwined but that while part of the reason customers buy from me is because they want to buy good food, the other part is that they connect to me and my family as real people. I see that having similarities with your work. I enjoy your work but I enjoy it even more because YOU did it.

  4. Layne and I have started a personal goal this month to be in bed by 10pm during the week, and by 11pm on the weekends. Might not seem like a big deal to many, but I am a night person! I would love to develop more morning time. So that's our "revolution" right now! :)

    Other than that, I personally have determined to put whole real foods into my body, instead of chemical laden ones (and no white flour, sugar, etc). I do that for the most part, but when I want sweets(emotional eating), I tend to go to comercially produced things. Now, I'll mindfully eat what I want, without guilt - I just have to make it from whole, fresh ingredients! I also have determined to give myself grace when I fail. (As a perfectionist, I beat myself up too much. So I have decided to choose grace:) Even just living this for 5 days or so has been freeing! I can eat when I want to, and I know that the food I'm putting into my body is good for me! I'm working on enjoying every bite, and not overeating. But I have a goal to eat healthy - not a goal to avoid bad foods. This changes lots of things:)

    Love reading about your journey! Keep up the good work!
    Amber Allan:)

  5. Thank you all for sharing! Your response is VERY encouraging to me. Thank you! Thank you!


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