Life- Day 6 PWC

I want the artist inside of me to be alive and well.
Giving her time to ponder.
Let her tell a story.
Share her perspectives on life through art.

Now, I do this some, but I want MORE!!

This week I have allowed my eyes to be opened further on how I have been living my life.
It has been an awakening.

I have the dream of being a full-time artist.
Not just sneaking in my before and after everything else.
I want to wake up in the morning and work in my studio until I have nothing more to say.

Will this come?
Yes, I believe so.
This desire was planted in my heart with reason and purpose.

I will be patient.
I will take the steps to honor my artist.
I will allow my heart to be open to
God's truth
I will tell my stories.

How about you? Is there a part of you that longs to have a louder voice? A part that you are giving a little time to, but it wants so much more?

If yes, make a plan to do something about it. Need a plan? I know some people who would love to help you:). Help is good.

Have a very good day! I'm planning to.

(here is a pic of my painted hand- sometimes I color off the canvas :)


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