Life- Day 4 of Personal Care Week

Thank you for the feedback I have received on my blog posts. You, my readers have reached out and supported my mission of self-care. And some have chosen to join in!

My hope, is that my journey inspires you to take time for self-care. When we are running on empty, we do not have as much love to give to the people we care about. Not to mention reaching out to the world around us.

Dedicating 7 days for Personal Care has brought many things into my vision. First off, I became more aware of my inner language. I feel like I take on too much emotionally. The world is not mine to direct. If I concern myself more with my thoughts and actions and worry less about those around me, I can actually give love in a purer way. The love I give feels no longer conditional.

Conditional that is a heavy topic. Let's be honest, we give conditional love. Or, shall I say: I give conditional love. It is not my intention, nor my desire, but it is true. Here is the kicker......I give myself conditional love. Ouch! To even admit that hurts a bit. What would the world look like without conditional love? What would my life look like? This is a deep one.

Now, I want to be clear that this is my personal revelation. Please, do not feel like you have to agree with me. But, if it strikes a chord in you, observe yourself in your environment and have a personal revelation.

Yesterday, I declared a personal revolution. "Lose half to gain a whole". I actually believe that this thought touches more than my weight. It speaks to cleansing. I want to lose weight, but I also want to lose the extra clutter in my life. I want to let go of emotional and physical clutter.

How about you? What do you want to release half of in your life? Think about it. Let your heart talk back to you.

And also, think about conditional love. Are you loving yourself, your family, the world with conditions? What is the difference between conditional love and boundaries?

Take good care of yourself today!


  1. This is awesome Melissa! If I were a writer I'd love to share things like you have here. Unconditional love is such a beautiful way to live. I'm going to think about what I'd like to loose from my life. This makes me want to clean ;)

  2. Thanks, Marti! Funny enough- I don't see myself as a writer.......just as a share-er ;).

    I would love to hear what you let half go of.

    Take care!


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