Life- Day 3 of PCW

My morning revelation:

This morning I did a couple of things different.

Sometimes I wake up and feel like utter crap. I am not joking. In fact crap may not even be a strong enough term. This morning feeling of UGH! Grrr! Crappy! Feeling of super unamazingness! has been there since I was a wee little thing. Yesterday, I decided to do a little research on it. I discovered something new to try.

Utilizing my googled information, I decided to set my alarm 40 minutes before the time I needed to wake-up and then a second alarm for when
I couldn't sleep any longer unless I wanted to be late. The goal is to let your body wake-up at the end of your sleep cycle and not in the middle.

Guess what?!?! It worked! Last night was even a bit of a restless sleep for me, and I woke up NOT feeling like death! Hallelujah! Definitely going to try this idea again. What would happen if I became a morning person? Oh my! Wow!!! That would be INCREDIBLE!

Here is the real kicker: since I awoke to the day feeling un-death-ish, I actually felt like exercising. This is seriously incredible.

I was lying in bed and thought to myself....."I could really lose half of my weight and still be healthy". I work with a group of women that are half my weight. And yes, I am admitting this publicly. Why? Because I no longer want to BE THIS WAY!

So, I put on a pair of athletic shoes and worked out in my studio. I did twists, lunges, dance steps, etc....and it felt GOOD! Jeepers..who knew morning could be so good? Not I! My doggie sleeps in my studio, and she just watched. When I started dancing, she got up and wagged her tail while I moved. It was cute!

So, I think I am going to start a personal campaign. It is called:

"Lose half to gain a whole"

Feel free to join me! Even if you don't need to lose half :). Just leave a message here or on Facebook. The more the merrier.

In order to do this, I know that I need to eat very healthy with moderate portions. And exercise most days in one way or another. I have all the information I need to accomplish this because I have been researching nutrition for years. I guess it might help to USE the information instead of just storing it in my mind!

Thanks for taking a moment to read my blog. Before we go, please take a moment to think about a couple things that you know would change your life in a positive way. What keeps you from doing them? Choose to find a way to remove the obstacle.

Move forward today! It will bring good things your way.


  1. I could certainly benefit from losing half! I am really enjoying your blog posts, they are inspiring! There's a few new devices on the market that you can get that you wear to bed, and it will track how well you sleep and vibrate and wake you up in your lowest part of your sleep cycle also. Which would be what it sounds like you are doing, with the added bonus of you not having to wake up your husband.


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