Life- Finding Stillness

Today was a planned lazy day.  It has been awhile since I had taken time to hang out in pj's and let my world, myself, and I all needed some chill time.

I woke up late, ate breakfast/lunch, then laid on the couch with my doggie.  Snoozed a bit..... let my mind wander......breathed....and just existed.

It felt so good.

These moments of simple existence are as important to me as the forward moving experiencing.  One cannot exist without the other.... at least in my world.

It is here in the stillness that I can hear my inner voice..... that I can hear the voice of my Creator.... here that the answers come from........

Lately, my life has been full of forward movement, which is a little scary, but oh so good!!  Nothing like change to bring your fears out to stare you in the face.  It is times like right now, that breakthrough becomes a way of life.  Time to leave behind habits and beliefs that no longer suit what my life is becoming.

After my good resting time, I decided to sort through some artist archives that have been living under my bed.  I found a goldmine.  SO many creative ideas have been under my bed!!!!  Some pieces are finished, other pieces are ideas waiting to become more.

There is one piece that I want to share with you.  Please take a moment and let it speak to you...... there is much going on here.

Did you take a moment?
What did you feel?

Any interpretation is allowed........after all, your interpretation is as important as my intent.

This picture really spoke to my heart....where I am I am getting there....what I am letting go of.....being drawn forward....walking in my destiny.......  such good thoughts.......

It fit my my season of life..... glad I looked under my bed.
Glad I took time to care for myself.

How about you?
Have you taken time to hang out with yourself?  Letting your world stop for a bit?  If you haven't, please do.....sometime soon.  Your heart is waiting for you....



  1. You are not chasing your destiny, you are letting it lead your stillness life is moving around you giving you what you need. Love this! Also could you please add in the "Meet Melissa Marie" section, that you are a great friend? It's true! Love you!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Amazing what taking time to nurture my soul and spirit does for the rest of me. :)

  3. i just returned from a turbo of the ultimate journey. i don't believe it is a accident that i read this blog post this a.m.


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