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It has been a little while since my last post.  My apologies to anyone who checks in with me on a regular has been quite some time.

So...what have I been doing?  A LOT!!!

In October, I took over a nice size room in our house and made a STUDIO!!!  It was quite the event.  Also, it was what I wanted for my birthday and asked for help from my loved ones to make it happen.

And help they did!

From clearing out the room, to tearing up the carpet, to scraping and scrubbing the wood floor, to placing things, I had help.  It was wonderful!  And since I have been very productive.

Here are a couple pictures of the studio:

 This a picture of my generous work space.  It is an art table that my father built for me.  You can also see a picture that has been calling out to me to be made into a piece of fiber art.....sometime soon.

 This is on top of a book shelf..... it is a spot that makes me smile, reminds me to fly, and nurtures my soul.

 Who needs curtains when you can use a quilt that is in process!  My windows are full of paintings and fabric.  I do love how the quilt looks a little like stained glass with the natural light behind it.

 Ahhhhh.... this is my inspiration corner.  I love everything about it!  The impressionistic painted shoes, my artistic mentors, the wire dress form that has been in process for a decade, the fancy red light, and my paint brushes.  This is display is on top of a cabinet that stores my paint and drawing supplies.  It is a dream come true to have one place for all those supplies, instead of hunting them down all throughout the house!

 This is my little friend that is being made.  I have wanted to make a bear for years.  A couple nights ago I fished the pattern out of my stash and whipped this little bear up out of old jeans!  You can also see a glimpse of a vision board, my sewing machine accessory box, and my sturdy desk that I like to sew on.  There is also a candle hanging out.....I do love candlelight.

There is a lot of Sadie-ness that happens in the studio.  From cuddling, to chilling, to begging for attention, Sadie is my constant artistic companion.  I love that doggie of mine.

Mr. Handsome likes to hang out with us in the studio as well.  I have one rule though.... what comes in must go out...... I guess I am a little territorial with my space.... lol!  He is wonderful and respects my wishes with humor.... I have a good man!

So, there you have it, a sneak peak into my studio world.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Soon I will show some of the projects that have kept me busy.  So stop back soon!

Take care,
Miss Melissa


  1. You should be featured in the publication "Where Women Create"! :)

  2. Thank you! You are so supportive Mr. Handsome!


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