Life- My Holiday Thoughts

Tonight I was thinking and thinking..... and thinking..... and thinking about something.  The thought would not let me go..........

SO...... I gave into it because it was good for me, the right thing to do, and I believe will have a very positive outcome.

Would you like to hear what this thought is?


I am declaring the month of December....... PCM

Now, what does PCM stand for?

Personal  Care  Month

Why would I want or need this?  Why would I choose to decide this?  Where did this thought come from?  AND, why would I need to declare it to the blog world?

Let me give you a little history about me and that month of December.

As far back as I can remember December has been full of some good memories and.... well.... stressful memories..... and not feeling good due to a cold or virus.  (Just thinking about it causes a little stress to tighten across my upper back.)  Oh, I wish it wasn't this way, I wish that my December came from a place where time stopped so that I could do everything for everyone that I wanted to.

The very thought of Christmas makes me want to give and give and give and give and give.  I can think of so many different gifts for many different people.  However, this would require many resources and well...... I am never very good about saving ahead of time for Christmas.  So, then the stress comes from the limited resources, and the unmet desire to give all different ways that I want.

Added on top of this, is the fact that I have always held a job that served the public during this holiday season, since the age of 16.  That has given me 18 years of holidays spent dealing with long hours and very few days off dealing with people that may or may not be happy to be shopping.

Granted, I have always chosen jobs serving the public and I love that fact..... but, I find myself wanting to fast forward through this month and not wanting to take my time living life during this season.

The madness has to stop!

I want to live life with my eyes open.  I want to experience what is mine to experience, even if it hurts.  I don't want to moan and groan through December.  I want to celebrate Christ-mas.

I want to give from my abundance, wherever in my life that abundance is....... not from where I do not have.

Also, I want to be healthy, happy, and whole..... because a Melissa that contains those elements is beautiful and full of sunshine and love to give the world.  A tired, cranky, sick Melissa is.......well, withdrawn and not full of sunshine to give the world.

So, how does this all fit together?

I am not sure....... but what I do know, is first things first, I am going to take care of myself.

I will take my supplements and vitamins morning and night.
I will get in some good Melissa kind of exercise almost daily.
I will not eat much sugar (even the gluten-free kind).
I will take long relaxing baths.
I will eat nutritious food.
I will find time to nurture my artistic soul.
I will spend time with my God- the quality time.... the kind that I can slow down enough to hear and have my heart touched.
I may not attend many parties.
I will protect my time.
I will only give the presents that I can afford or make out of the current abundance in my life.
I will drink lots of hot tea.
I will smile often.
I will laugh.
I will sing carols as loudly as I want and in what key I feel is right.

I will do my best to honor this thought that would not leave me alone tonight :)

I will, I will, I will.

May you have a blessed holiday and perhaps this thought may come to you and not leave you alone.

-Melissa Marie Collins


  1. Want some accountability on this? Behind you 100% my friend!

  2. This is a good reminder, Melissa. Thank you. I was just reading this morning about attachments vs. commitments. This time of year I find myself attached to expectations -- a beautifully decorated home, wonderful, exciting presents under the tree, time to enjoy the plays, the special productions, and attached to the magic of the season. The problem is that "magic" is often tempered by a time of increased illness, increased stress from lack of funds, to lack of sleep, to lack of quality time. I too, work in an industry where I end up giving more time and energy than I feel I have to give. I, too, have decided to drop the attachment to an illusion and commit to aligning myself with my most genuine values, my sense of purpose, and the need to deeply care, not only for others, but for myself as well.


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