Art- Return of My Children

Some people laugh when I call my art pieces "my children", but truly they feel that way.  They are in existence because I was willing to take the time to allow my soul to speak.  Allow something I was feeling, or seeing, or experiencing become captured and come alive.

I have recently had some children come home.  They had been visiting their aunt Charity for an extended period of time.  She is now in the process of remodeling her home, so back they came to me. 

It is a beautiful thing to appreciate a past creative moment.... to not look at your work with "what-if" or "I should have".  I try my best to respect myself and not allow myself to spend more than a moment thinking about what I could have or should have done.  Instead, I like to remember what I was thinking, what I was experiencing in life.... what were my joys.....and my challenges...... my sorrows.

A couple children got to stay out and playfully hang on our walls, while most of them were carefully stored away.  Two of the children were from a musician series that I did almost a decade ago.  They are fun and carefree.  They take me back to when I used to hang out a jazz clubs and draw the musicians.  Good times with music inspiring me.  Their passion flowing through me onto paper.

 I was inspired by Picasso and the nature of abstract art. 
It is fun to watch a kid look at this piece.  They giggle about the eyes being weird and funny stripes on the nose.  It does not bother me for them to find it silly, I find it silly and yet enjoy the moment that was captured.

These pictures have traveled around visiting a different coffee shops, then Aunt Charity's, and now they will be home for awhile and I will enjoy them!

And here is Sadie hanging out below the drawing on our couch named Samantha.

Yes, our couch has a name (doesn't yours?).  She was my first piece of "real" furniture and I felt like she was worthy of a name.  That was about ten years ago and she has held up well.  However, we plan on trading her in for a love seat this year.  Shhh.... don't tell her..... and don't tell Sadie.  That is one of the only pieces of furniture Sadie is allowed to be on.  

The last child that I am going to share with you has never left my side.  She is a picture of me and shows a glimpse into my creative process.  This painting is precious.  It was born on the eve of my 25th birthday during a season of my life I was painting a lot, but did not keep very many pieces.  I always felt like this was a birthday present for myself.  This image flew out of me at record speed.  When a moment is right, it is right.  Creativity loves to flow when we allow it.  It will celebrate with you, cry with you, and show what lives inside of your soul.  That night I was able to see the beauty of my God-given creativity and let it be captured.  It felt good to celebrate the artist inside of me.

Well, that was a glimpse into my little world.  I hope that you enjoyed it.

May your creativity flow and be enjoyed!


  1. Great post with a beautiful glimpse into your world.

    Wonder if there's a way to have a jpg of the photo of yourself. Or a large print....

  2. Wow. Looking at this bottom painting is like looking at my "child" I did back in college...I love the free form whimsical dancing figures. Hi. I am Jennifer James. I found you through a few different people at church, Kelly Montijo Fink & Emily Speight. Anyway, I hope that sometime you could hop over to my blog and check it out! I would love to connect with you!


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