Art- Wildwood Fabric Line

Trees...... I have always loved trees..... especially when they are without their leaves.  It is then that you can see the beautiful shape of the branches. 

I could get lost while looking up into a tree and following the intertwining paths of the branches. 

This is the panel of the line called WILDWOOD that I designed.  It is portraying the essence of a live tree.  Isn't she pretty? 

She originated from the coat closet in our dining room

 Here are a few of the companion pieces that go nicely...... they contain a similar wildness.... each pattern comes in 4 color ways.

Look where some of them originated from

I am blessed that Mr. Handsome doesn't mind
 my creative "sprawling" through our house
Give it up for Mr. Handsome
He doesn't just "put-up" with the creative explosions
he enjoys them too!

Check this out!
The fabric matches the our kitchen walls!

This wall in our kitchen had been many things
before becoming this

A multi-colored tree
Colorful movement
And at least one more thing that I can't remember

But when this happened- it HAPPENED
The art found it's wall and the wall found it's art
Want to hear the funniest part?

The color was a mistint that I found at a paint store
Someone's "imperfect" color that I felt was PERFECT!

Soon, very soon, that draped fabric is going to become some pretty curtains.
And I have more plans for Wildwood fabric in our kitchen

I will share

How about you?  Do you have plans for Wildwood?
 Perhaps a free project might get your creative juices going:

This is a family tree quilt that has our family names writen on leaves then appliqued on.
Even the dogs were givin tribute to... don't worry, you don't have to do that...
But I did!

While you are at Camelot, you can find more projects that will tease your creative senses...... go have fun!

And thank you for taking a few moments of your day and sharing them with me!


  1. Trees without their leaves and their beautiful shapes. It reminds me of the opportunity we have to appreciate our own shapes without our leaves. The curves, the bends are beautiful.

    It's wonderful to see the birthplace of the trees.

  2. Love these designs. Saw the fabrics for the first time today, at Quilts UK, Malvern - best new fabric at the show and I just had to have the tree panel (in red) plus the red & brown coordinate. :-)

  3. I LOVE your trees!!! So fun!! Hope all is well :-)


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