Art- Creating the first fabric line ~~~ Tattoo ~~~

It was a chilly spring day
I dressed with warm artistic intention
Wearing a shawl that I had enjoyed creating
Today I was going to express the perspective in which I see
With purpose

As I sat in the booth at Java Creek
The light streamed in upon me
Making my soy latte taste even better
This is the moment it began

The story began to unfold
From idea to reality

 From one swirl came another
Like wind sweeping leaves off the ground
Up and around
The intricacies stopped and started
 dot...... dot...... dot.......
Where one place stopped
Another began
Black and white movement across the page

 This was the begining of "fabric design"
A day that was blessed with creativity


 Here is a glimpse into the day that Tattoo was born.  As far as artistic moments go, it was one of my favorites.  There was something blessed about the day.  Perhaps it was the gratitude in my heart for the opportunity to design fabric.... perhaps it was the joy....... perhaps it was the connection I had with God and the world around me.


If you would like to see the whole fabric line go to:

(You will find Tattoo under Quilting Fabrics)

And soon:

Thank you for sharing a moment of you day with me!
~Melissa Marie 


  1. I remember you saying then that your art was so unlike everyone else's. I believe God was in the process of fashioning the pencil and sharpening the point. It was never supposed to be like anyone else's. He had a definite purpose and destiny for your art.

  2. I can only imagine the swirling that is inside you that came out to create such beauty.


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