Friday, November 21, 2014

Life- I Make My Path

For those who follow my feed of Facebook, you know I quit my bra-fitting, fanny evaluating, pajama selling day job.


Yes, I have been passionate (and still am) about women wearing the right bra size. Yes, I have much love for the women I served and the people I worked with. Yes, I still enjoy helping a woman build a wardrobe.


I am an artist. 
For the entirety of my adult years I have craved the ability to pursue my art more fully. There is a level that I want to reach that requires more than the slivers of time that my art currently receives.

At what point do you live your passion?

I was done waiting.

And.......there was a prompting in my life this past summer. A prompting that as much as I wanted to ignore it, I couldn't. 

I'm having a Jonah-like experience.

You see, God has been calling me to go to Ninevah. 

Where is that?

I'm not even completely sure. All I know is that I have been fighting to go there.

What I do know.......God led Jonah to Ninevah to save a land of people......I am being led to SAY things with my art. Things that I cannot reach with distractions all around me, pulling me here and there. Images I can't let move through me when I am care taking a large, public world around me.

I'm going to go deep within. Deep, deep within. The place that God's voice is so clear. The place that prophetic art comes from. The place where the existence of an image released causes change in the world.

Those who carry these kind of messages know that they are a glorious burden. I am honored to be one who carries them.

I'm also going to caretake my home and my man. No longer will my home be an afterthought. It deserves to be nurtured. And that amazing man I cherish.....he gets more of me. His needs will no longer be sandwiched into our life.

I end this post with tears threatening to fall. You see, I do not love change. I love consistentcy. Consistentcy is safe.

But that is not my calling.

When will we start living our callings? When will we trust that we can embark upon the journey that we desire? When will we trust that we have everything we need to be successful?

I start now.

Will I still blog?

In fact, I have this desire to share my daily fashion with you because even when I'm throwing paint on a canvas, I love rocking my Melissa style. And style loves to be shared.

So.....I'm working on a secondary blog for my fashion. This current blog will continue to be my art, quilting, and heart felt reflections.

Will I be available to help you with your wardrobe needs?
Even more so.
I'm working on that......stay tuned!!!

First, I'm going to Ninevah.

I'll be posting daily art on my facebook page: Melissa Marie Design Studio. If you do not follow me there, yet, I invite you to.

It's already getting pretty real in my dungeon/basement oil-painting studio. Deep down inside of all of us lies stories that want to be told. 

Stories that we have been given to tell.

I'm going to start telling mine.

Will you tell yours?

Photo by Louis Collins. He rocks. Feel free to book a photo session with him!

Take care! And thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quilting- Fall International Quilt Market 2014

Wow! That was a trip!!! There are some cherished stories that I will tell for years to come from this latest adventure.

Frond Design Studios is an awesome company to work with. I cherish being a part of the design and selling team. 

However, there is a bit of chaos that surrounds it. (This statement is made with a twinkle in my eye and much love beaming from my heart.)

Two members of the crew drove the large Penske down to Houston, filled to the brim with the booth goodness and pulled a trailer with a 1972 a Frond green VOLKSWAGEN BUG behind it. Yes, I said that right. Some people take quilts and props to market and some take VOLKSWAGEN BUGs. What can I say? I admire Stephanie Brandenburg's tenacity and artistic vision. She will do whatever it takes to make her point and share how she sees things. This market required a car to set the retro tone, and set the tone it DID!

The rest of the crew (myself included) was scheduled to fly out at 6something in the morning on the Friday before market. I couldn't sleep that night. My adrenaline was ramped up because I WAS GOING TO MARKET and it is something I look forward to. Plus, I didn't want to oversleep. At 3:00 am I gave up on trying and started to get ready. At 3:30am, my husband Louis says, "Google just sent me a notice saying your flight was cancelled."
"What?!?!" I respond while I was putting blush on my cheeks.
"Oh, geesh....."
I stopped mid-mascara application and immediately started looking at flights. Everything to anywhere close to where we wanted to go was cancelled. Everything.
I texted the rest of the crew and immediately starting praying and imagining us arriving in Houston and selling fabric at market. We weren't going to leave Stephanie and Shannon high and dry.
Well.....after the group gathered and a million phone calls happened between Stephanie in Houston and the group in Iowa, we ended up having Louis drive us to Omaha so that we could fly to
Denver, then Houston.

It was this option or driving down to Houston. Yeah.....driving to Omaha was the right answer, even if it was a time gamble. We arrived with 20 minutes to get through security and get on the plane. And those were shaved off minutes. Somehow, Louis got us there safe, sound, and fast. Good job Louis! And good job Stephanie for trusting your instinct that this would all work out.

Sigh.....we arrived without anymore drama. I'm not sure we could handle more.

Here we are together, sharing a meal and celebrating a hard journey that challenged us, but did not stop us.

Market ran from Saturday, October 25th through Monday, October 27th.

It was a lovely time. So many shop owners stopped by and saw our new lines, ordered fabric, and purchased kits. We also had many stores stop by our booth for the first time. It is SO FUN to watch their response to our colorful fabrics that contain an art filled message. The oooooh's and aaaah's escape their lips while they gaze at the colorful quilts amoungst the funky retro pieces in our booth.

And the car got a lot of attention. It was fun to hear shop owner's stories about owning a bug in their youth. So many fun memories were shared while gazing at that gorgeous Volkswagen.

It was such a great time. And the trip home contained less drama.

My heart is full of gratitude towards those I share a quilt world with. This industry is warm and contains many beautiful souls. 

To those that buy our fabric and support our Art cause, we say thank you.

And to those who long to sew, but aren't doing it.....go get a machine and get sewing. It's a great time and allows you to bring functional art into the lives around you. 

And buy my fabric.
Yep, go ahead and do that too!

Thanks for reading!
•Melissa Marie Collins

Monday, October 13, 2014

Quilting- Sewing With Love

Making a quilt is an act of love. There is no way around it, you have to put love in there to get it right. And if you don't have love to give, you have to stop and fill up the tank before you sew on. An important lesson I learned (again) this past month.

Recently, I finished a commission quilt made from the fabric napkins and table cloths used at Akwi & Chris's wedding. Akwi contacted me earlier this year to commission the quilt as a suprise for their 2nd anniversary. The quilt reminds me of the scenes I saw in pictures of their delightful barn wedding. The textures, colors, pretty Christmas lights, and joyful smiles are there in the quilt design. Akwi has a way of creating charm and beauty. It was my honor to collaborate with her throughout the quilt process.

I do not sew many commission quilts due to the time and energy that they require, but this one was worth taking on and I am excited about how it turned out. Plus, I really like the people that I was making it for.

However, I had forgotten how BIG a queen size quilt feels when you put it together and machine quilt it. MUCH bigger than a throw! But look at me, finding my way to get it done. I am using the Erik tight-rolling method.

I was chatting with my friend Ambre about finding an efficient way to handle the 100x100 inches. She suggested skipping the typical pinning process and rolling up the quilt on either side. It was inspired by her husband's tight-rolling skills leftover from high school. Thus, it will be forever called Erik Tight-Roll Style, in my internal quilt dictionary.
Isn't that fun? Makes me smile.

Time ran tight on this project and I once again chided myself for not planning better. 


Sometimes, my nature causes challenges that aren't fun......but there are a lot of awesome attributes that come with the way I am, so I will accept and love all of me and learn to make life easier in the future.

But, let's take a moment and look at this pretty barn wedding inspired quilt.

Isn't it nice?
I am very happy with it. And more importantly, so are the two people that it was made for.

Now....time to whip up some fun projects for Frond Design Studios in preparation for Fall Market. I'm looking forward to playing with my latest fabric line, Dreaming Tree. (Check it out at

But.......first I need to quickly fill up my love tank. Better fill up quick!!

See you later!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Art- Meditation

Some days are long.
Some weeks are REAAALLLY long.
Our perception of life can cause stress.

Art is where I breathe.
Where I find my voice.
Where I check in and see how I am.

Honesty is found through my hands.
Through movement and form.
Through color and line.

Tonight, as I unwind like a spinning top, my sketchbook is open and my soul is sorting itself out.

Peace be with you.
Peace be with me.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cooking- Flounder Patty

I found myself thinking tonight, "If I had more time, I would have a food blog." But, here is the thing......I already have a blog that I talk about ALL kinds of random things from creating art to fashion.....why NOT include food?

Many of you know that I have been working hard to heal my body and put Hashimotos Thyroiditis in remission. It has been quite the journey and I have had great success due to all my health healers and helpers!

Healing my gut was INCREDIBLY important. I have been working with an amazing Nutrionist that has walked me through different protocols to deal with the gut issues on different levels.

Through the different protocols, I have come up with great food inventions. For some reason, I go mad scientist in the kitchen when there are ingredient restrictions. In fact, I get really excited and determined to make amazingness out of nothing.

Now, as I post my recipes, I'm really ok with you thinking I'm weird. Really. I'm mean, I've lived with myself for awhile now, and the way God put my personality together is a....well....a...little.. shall we say....unconventional? Yeah, so I'm down with having weird tastebuds. But I am even more down with having a stomach that functions properly. Yep. That is goal.

Here is my first recipe share:

I'm a peskatarian (meaning the only meat I eat is fish). When I cook fish, I make a pan full to last me a couple days. This recipe is from my left-over fish.

The biggest tip I can give you about making patties is:
Leave them ALONE and don't flip until a crust forms on the patty. It is sooooo tempting to flip premature, but just be patient. You can do it, I have faith in you.

This recipe works with any kind of fish, including tuna. 

Hope you try your hand at my recipe!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sewing- Making a Skirt from a Dress

Can you make a skirt from a dress?


Where there is a will, innovation will follow.

Awhile back, I pulled a dress out of my archives. While wearing it, the zipper broke. I was at work and had one of our Alteration ladies sew me into the dress. It was a bit tricky getting out of it that night! The whole zipper breaking situation was pretty funny and gave me a lot of laughs that day.

My sister sent out a request to my mom and I to make her daughter some skirts for school. Her little girl is the sweetest thing in the world and she lives far could I say no???

This morning when I was shuffling things about, I found this old dress. My creative mind looked at it and instantly thought of my niece!

I love recycling clothes. The concept of taking something old and giving it a new life makes me get all excited inside!

The bottom sides are intentionally longer to create design interested and I made the lining become the top fabric, so the skirt would feel light and swingy.

I hope it hangs well on her little frame, but my sister will have to be the judge of that when it arrives to their home.

This was a quick easy project that involved two cuts, pinning, gathering, and sewing on elastic. Pretty EASY!

I encourage you to rock your life, your way. Go ahead! I cheer you on.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fashion- Feeling Fall

I live in Iowa, and the temps are dropping fast. It is time to dig out what sweaters are left in my closet. 

I'm a sentimental girl and have held onto the cozy wool sweaters that my mom bought me over the years for Christmas and my birthday. These sweaters were once a fitted style on my body, but they feel even better oversize. Glad I was sentimental! 

Over size clothing is a trend right now. In order for it to work for my small shouldered, curvy hip and legged body, this is my motto:

Oversize on top - fitted on bottom
Oversize on bottom - fitted on top

If I do oversize on both top and bottom, one wonders, "Where did Melissa go?"

Here are some pics that my photographer husband (Louis Collins) took of my fall fashion the other day.

In my opinion, his capturing ability is getting pretty freaking good. Sheesh! If I was a senior in highschool, I would hunt him down. But.....I don't have to hunt him down.....I live with this amazingly talented man.

And here is my new favorite hairstyle.

It is a French braid that is tucked under and pinned. I also pin the top of the braid to give me a little poof up front. This is not as quick as the top knot style I rocked most of the summer, but it is pretty close.

After these pics were taken, I went and painted a chair at my friend's open studio. The Dreaming Bear is my favorite place to climb in, get away, and delight in the ridiculous. The owner, Dori has become a very dear friend to my heart. If you are in Marion, you should check her out!

This was taken in my studio after fussing a little more on it. Look at how my skirt pattern was infused into my design!

Ha! So fun.

Hope fall is treating you well. Make sure to rock any trends you try, YOUR WAY. After all, it is your life, you are living.

Take care, friends!