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The Tunic

Creative thoughts come to a swell, like a full body of water, inside of me. It can swallow me whole and dunk me under, or I can relax and swim with the tide.
It is both exhilarating and overwhelming, all mixed together.
And I almost always choose to go for the ride.
When inspiration for sleeveless tunics hit, I didn't have the 'perfect' fabric to try out the idea......but I had fabric, so deep into the water I went, finding the tide.
I pulled out this red tricot from my basement stash, a place of heritage and vintage. It came from my grandma and has been waiting for me.
The idea worked. It has the feeling of a 70's jumper......with an extra dose of sass. I will try again with more fabric. Maybe from the vintage stash, or maybe from newly acquired piece of material. 
I am grateful for ideas to come visit me and for my inner artist being willing to ride the waves.
Stay real- stay creative.
Signed- Melissa

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